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A Hostile Takeover of Nature? Placing Value in Conservation Finance

Antipode A Radical Journal of Geography - Thu, 06/01/2017 - 08:10

Conservation finance is a nascent field that claims to “deliver maximum conservation impacts, while, at the same time, generating returns for investors” (Credit Suisse/WWF). While geographers have questioned the ability of conservation finance to play a significant role in international biodiversity conservation, an emerging cohort of boutique private equity firms are actively generating returns on North American conservation projects. This raises the question: how are these firms generating profits, and in turn, returns for their shareholders? Drawing from a Marxian understanding of finance as redistributive, I argue that these firms are generating profits through a process similar to a corporate hostile takeover. Using the examples of ranchland and timberland investment in the United States, I show that (1) the materialities and historical geographies of these landscapes play a crucial role their monetization, and (2) shareholder returns are generated through a combination of traditional real estate sales and revaluations, public monies, and commodity production.

“Where every breeze speaks of courage and liberty”: Offshore Humanism and Marine Xenology, or, Racism and the Problem of Critique at Sea Level

Antipode A Radical Journal of Geography - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 04:45

The 2015 Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture was delivered by Prof. Paul Gilroy on 2 September at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Annual International Conference. Prof. Gilroy's lecture interrogates the contemporary attractions of post-humanism and asks questions about what a “reparative humanism” might alternatively entail. He uses a brief engagement with the conference theme—“geographies of the Anthropocene”—to frame his remarks and try to explain why antiracist politics and ethics not only require consideration of nature and time but also promote a timely obligation to roam into humanism's forbidden zones.

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Vabilo na planersko delavnico

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Gravel-Bed Rivers: Process and Disasters


With contributions from key researchers across the globe, and edited by internationally recognized leading academics, Gravel-bed Rivers: Processes and Disasters presents the definitive review of current knowledge of gravel-bed rivers. Continuing an established and successful series of scholarly reports, this book consists of the papers presented at the 8th International Gravel-bed Rivers Workshop. Focusing on all the recent progress that has been


Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and Modelling: A Practitioner's Guide


This book covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of catastrophe modelling for insurance industry practitioners and public policymakers. Written by authors with both academic and industry experience it also functions as an excellent graduate-level text and overview of the field.

Ours is a time of unprecedented levels of risk from both natural and anthropogenic sources. Fortunately, it is also an era of relatively inexpensive technologies


Forest Insect Population Dynamics, Outbreaks, And Global Warming Effects


Research in insect population dynamics is important for more reasons than just protecting forest communities. Insect populations are among the main ecological units included in the analysis of stability of ecological systems. Moreover, it is convenient to test new methods of analyzing population and community stability on the insect-related data, as by now ecologists and entomologists have accumulated large amounts of such data. In this book, the


Oil and Gas Exploration: Methods and Application


Oil and Gas Exploration: Methods and Application presents a summary of new results related to oil and gas prospecting that are useful for theoreticians and practical professionals. The study of oil and gas complexes and intrusions occurring in sedimentary basins is crucial for identifying the location of oil and gas fields and for making accurate predictions on oil findings.

Volume highlights include:


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