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Unfortunately the reception office at accommodation facility will be CLOSED on Sunday 30th of June. Despite all our efforts and multiple guaranties from our national CEEPUS office, you won’t be able to register to student dorms before Monday 1st of July.

We apologize for all the troubles caused by this change. If you plan to arrive to Ljubljana on Sunday 30th of June, you will have to find accommodation for the first night on your own. There are plenty of hostels and budget accommodations available in Ljubljana.


Accommodation for international students will be provided by CMEPIUS (nation CEEPUS office) in student dorms in Ljubljana. You will find out in which student dorm you will stay upon registration. Usually CEEPUS students are accommodated in various student dorms in Rožna dolina (area where is the registration office).


In order to get full scholarship you MUST STAY in student dorms from Monday 1st of July till Friday 12th of July. You have to CHECK IN at registration office on Monday 1st of July, during the official hours (9.00-12.00 and 12.30-14.00). Registration office is located on Svetčeva ulica 9.



  • You can go to registration office on your own anytime during official hours on Monday 1st of July  (9.00-12.00 and 12.30-14.00);
  • We will organize a group registration. We will meet at Geography department (2nd floor, Faculty of Arts, Aškerčeva cesta 2) on Monday 1st of July at 11.45. We will walk from the faculty to the student dorms registration office (25 minute walk; we will arrange the transport of your luggage). After you settle in student dorm we will walk back to the faculty.
  • All you need for the registration is identification document.



You have to CHECK OUT at registration office on Friday 12th of July, during the official hours (9.00-12.00).




There are plenty of food stores, fast food and budget restaurants around Faculty of Arts. Those recommended by the organizers can be found on the map below.