History of Music 1A C

History of Music 1A C

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Nagode Aleš, doc. dr. Sukljan Nejc


Music in the everyday life of ancient Greece
The forms of “mousiké”
Ancient harmonic theory
“Harmoniai” as a historical, theoretical and aesthetic issue
Notation in antiquity
The origin of medieval liturgical musical repertoires
Gregorian chant
Chant forms
Theoretical system of “musica plana”
Neumatic notations
Early polyphony
Notre-Dame polyphony
Ars nova in France and Italy
Ars subtilior
English medieval polyphony
Theory of discant and counterpoint
The development of rhythm and notation from the modal system to the mensural system
Late madrigal
New ideas at the turn from the 16th to the 17th century: stile recitativo, concerto
The origins of opera
Affect theory and musical rhetoric
The spread of the tonal space in the 17th century
Dramma per musica
Early oratorio
The origin and development of cantata
The development of sonata and the emergence of concerto
German protestant music in the 17th century
German organ music of the 17th century
Tutorial includes 5 hours of field practice in the form of attending an excursion and concerts.