Master Thesis

Master Thesis

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:20

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Bartulović Alenka, doc. dr. Kravanja Boštjan, doc. dr. Lunaček Brumen Ana Sarah, doc. dr. Valič Urša, izr. prof. dr. Čebron Lipovec Uršula, izr. prof. dr. Habinc Mateja, izr. prof. dr. Kozorog Miha, izr. prof. dr. Repič Jaka, izr. prof. dr. Simonič Peter, prof. dr. Baskar Bojan, prof. dr. Mencej Mirjana, prof. dr. Muršič Rajko


Writing of master thesis is based on intensive individual research work under supervision. An advisor (or advisors) guides a diploma-holder to write-up the thesis, he or she gives advises on reading and direct them in their research activities. Research encompasses a longer ethnographic fieldwork, searching for sources and analysis of various sources as well as reading and use of relevant literature. A student and an advisor devote special attention to writing of the thesis which is concluded with longer research work or scholarly synthesis of all collected material.
Master thesis should be 60 to 100 pages long (150-200,000 signs) and supplemented with proper scientific apparatus.