Fundamentals of Slovenian History of the 19th Century

Fundamentals of Slovenian History of the 19th Century

Lectures: 60

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ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Selišnik Irena

The following thematic groups are emphasised:
- The characteristics and the dynamics of the economic modernisation of Slovenian territory in comparison with other regions of the Hapsburg monarchy.
- The demographic development and gradual altering of the social structure of the inhabitants in Slovenia.
- The characteristics of the process of the formation of Slovenes as a nation, in comparison with other nations of the Hapsburg monarchy (from the nationalism of elites to the mass movement).
- Slovenian-German (Italian, Hungarian) relations.
- The formation of the characteristic ideologically political configuration in the process of the political democratisation of the monarchy (differences by provinces).
- The self-image of Slovenes (the feeling of endangerment, the search for allies, the /Yugo/Slav idea).
- Slovenian politics in the National Assembly.
- The attitude of Slovenes towards the Hapsburg monarchy.