Pathway Internship abroad

An internship, especially an internship abroad, is a great addition to your resume. Every employer wants to hire someone who has some experience. In today's global world the experience of working in an international environment is an advantage.

However, the desire to go abroad is not enough, so a plan for finding and preparing for an internship is a good idea.

We have prepared a proposal of various activities that will help you fulfil your wish to do an internship abroad – Pathway Internship abroad. By joining the path, you will create your own 'TO DO list' (which you will find in POPR), so you do not miss anything and which you can complete by the end of the academic year.

How do you apply directly?

If you already know that following the pathway will be useful for you, you can sign up for it by clicking here.

Apply through POPR platform!

You can book on to the pathway through the platform POPR here. Please, be aware that you will need to sign in with your digital student identity.  If you are a regular student just apply with your digital UL identity. If you are Erasmus student, please register to the platform as Študenti UL brez statusa / Other students. For help please contact us at


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