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Department of Geography

Programs of study

Programs of the study

The Department of Geography offers study programs at three levels.

At the first level, students can choose between a single-subject or a double-subject program of study in geography. In the latter, the study of geography is combined is combined with another selected subject.

The second-level master’s program has six single-subject programs, which are a combination of two major or A courses (environmental and physical geography; regional planning and rural-urban studies) and three minor or B courses (political geography; geography of tourism and leisure; applied geoinformatics). The student selects one major (A) and one minor (B) course. A two-subject teacher training program is also offered as a separate field of study.

At the third level (doctoral study) it is possible to enroll in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Program in Humanities and Social Sciences – Geography. This is designed so that students can deepen and build on the knowledge acquired in the second-level master's degree program in geography.

The Department of Geography offers good conditions for study and work. It houses the largest geographical library in Slovenia, which also includes a rich cartographic collection. Students also have access to the Geographic Information and Cartographic Laboratory (GIKL) and the Physical Geography Laboratory, where they acquire practical knowledge and skills in the use of modern tools. These tools are highly valued today and increase the competitive advantage of our graduates in seeking employment.

Studies at the Department of Geography do not take place only in lecture halls. A significant part of the program takes place in the form of field work in Slovenia and abroad. Field exercises and excursions are designed to familiarize students with basic field methods of work, introduce them to various types of landscape, and foster camaraderie. In addition to one-day field exercises, we also organize multi-day field exercises and excursions within individual subjects. The costs of field exercises and excursions are covered by the students themselves.

Much of the communication between students and staff in the Department of Geography takes place in the form of e-learning. Students receive study materials and notifications and updates about the course and submit various assignments, exercises and projects through online classrooms.

The program is conducted in Slovene, with the exception of the subject Geography of Slovenia (first level), which is conducted in English. Regularly enrolled students from abroad are involved in full-time work in the subjects. For Erasmus and CEEPUS students, some teachers prepare a special program in English if there are a large number of people interested. Many teachers prepare study materials in English, some have bilingual slides (Slovene-English), and course requirements can also be completed in the form of research papers and individual consultations with teachers.

The work of students (exams or other forms of assessment defined in the curricula) is assessed as follows:

                10 - exceptional knowledge without errors or with only negligible ones

                9 - very good knowledge with minor errors

                8 - good knowledge with some errors

                7 - good knowledge with a number of errors

                6 - knowledge meets only minimum criteria

                5 - knowledge does not meet minimum criteria (failing grade)

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