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Department of Geography



The Latin word alumnus (plural alumni) is used as a designation for a former student or graduate of a particular educational institution (school, faculty, university). In the 100 years of its existence, close to 2,500 students have graduated from the Department of Geography.

Graduates in geography can stay connected through various professional associations: the Association of Geographers of Slovenia and regional associations, commissions within the Association of Geographers of Slovenia, the Society of Geography Teachers of Slovenia, and within the Society of Young Geographers of Slovenia.

The Alumni Club of Geographers of the University of Ljubljana (AGUL) was established in 2001 at the Department of Geography. Members are graduates of the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and other friends of geography at the University of Ljubljana, who want to maintain connections and cooperation among members of all generations of graduates. Members meet at social events (geographers’ sports games, chestnut picnic, New Year's meeting) and professional events (round tables, lectures).

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Intro photo: Nejc Kavka