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Department of Geography



The library was established in 1919 as part of the then established Geographical Institute at the new Slovenian university and is the central Slovenian academic and higher education library in the field of geography. It is one of the libraries of the Central Humanities Library of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Through its activities, it supports the study and research process. It is intended for university teachers and staff, geography students at the Faculty of Arts, researchers, geography teachers, and all those interested in geography.

Anyone can join. Students of the University of Ljubljana become members through enrollment at the faculty. Details on library membership, the registration fee and rules can be found in the library rules and price list.

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Cartographic collection

The library also houses a cartographic collection, which includes atlases, maps of all kinds, including wall maps, basic topographic plans and topographic maps of various editions and techniques (including old Austrian and Italian maps of Slovenian territory), geological, pedological and vegetation maps, road maps and town maps for Slovenia, Europe and the world, various types of survey maps, transparencies, etc. There are three reading rooms and one computer for individual study.

The material is not freely accessible.


Ida Knez - Račič
dr. Martina Frelih
Lucija Miklič Cvek


The library is located in the building of the Faculty of Arts, on the second floor in rooms 236 (library) and 219a (cartographic collection)

Office Hours of the Library:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 9.00–14.00
Wednesday, Thursday: 9.00–17.00

Official hours of the Cartographic Collection:

Monday–Friday: 11.00–13.00
Wednesday: 15.00-17.00


01 241 12 50 (rent)
01 241 12 52
01 241 12 34 (cartographic collection)




Intro photo: Martina Frelih