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Department of Geography

EGEA Ljubljana

EGEA Ljubljana

Slovenian Young Geographers' Association is an association of geography students and all geographical enthusiasts by heart and education. It connects around 100 members which are primarily students of the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, but this is not a membership condition. The association is also a part of the European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers (EGEA). Our entity is called EGEA Ljubljana.

The main objectives of the Slovenian Young Geographers' Association are:

  • promotion and implementation of geography students’ extracurricular activities,
  • increase of student mobility,
  • connecting geography students and young geographers,
  • cooperation with international and domestic student and professional organizations,
  • encouraging the publication of professional and other contributions by publishing a student newsletter,
  • mutual assistance of students and strengthening of professional affiliation.

The roots of the society go back to 1988, when the Student Section of the Ljubljana Geographical Society was established as its predecessor. Slovenian Young Geographers' Association was founded in 1998. It has been very active throughout the years, as it takes care of the implementation of extracurricular geographical activities, connecting geography students and young geographers and cooperation with domestic and international geographical associations.

Our main activities are international student exchanges, youth geographic research camp, motivational weekend, publishing of association’s and students’ newsletter GEOmix, one and multi-day professional excursions in Slovenia and abroad, travelogues and other professional lectures.

The Slovenian Young Geographers' Association is a member of the Association of Slovenian Geographers, the KOMISP Association and European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers (EGEA) with which it cooperates and carries out its activities.





Intro Photo: Nejc Kavka