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Geography of Slovenia - Erasmus students

Dear students!


The lectures of the subject Geography of Slovenia will start on Monday, October 9, 2023 (11:20 - 12:10). You are obliged to attend the first lecture, since you will get all relevant information about the course there.  

The lectures will take place in room 019 on the Faculty of Arts (go to the basement and turn left). You are obliged to attend all the lectures. If you have problems with overlapping schedule you can skip part of the lectures but at least 50 % attendance is required.   

The course consist of lectures each exploring one geographical feature of Slovenia (the timetable of the lectures will be provide at our first meeting on Monday, October 9, 2023). Each class will feature different lecturer.

At the end you have to pass a written exam (the exam will take place in January). The course has 8ECTS. 

The course has its own e-classroom. If you are not familiar with e-classroom system on the Faculty of Arts please visit

and follow the instruction about how to create an account and sign in to specific course. Information about e-classroom will be provided at our first meeting.


The textbook Geography of Slovenia is the main study material for the course. It is highly recommended that you get your copy. You can buy it in the Faculty bookshop. It costs 29,90€. 

Best regards and see you on Monday, October 9, 2023!

Mojca Ilc Klun


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